Cocktails and Obama Cakes

Having cocktails before having dinner can bear strange results. Political talks suddenly turn into politcal mish-mash especially when you throw in the words “penis cupcakes”. The idea came from the bachelorette cupcakes on another blog “Lick my cupcakes” and for some reasons I had slogans flying out of my mouth before I remembered I was still in a public area.

Come Saturday 8 November, after doing the decent thing and voting for our own relatively-boring New Zealand elections, I with the help of my trusty sidekick began creating some edible deliciousness with the primary goal of celebrating the United States President-elect Barack Obama…

Anyway, you may view the images below (when you don’t have bosses or kiddies prying), but don’t poke your eye out or anything.

Obama, I hope you see this as a compliment!

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