Shortline Street: The Repo Man Visits

The following is the first of my “Shortline Street” cartoons.

If you’re from New Zealand you will know what I’m taking the piss out of. If not, then let me sum it up for you – Shortland Street is a long-time running hospital soap that many locals think is rubbish. But let’s face it – it’s ours and it’s the best we’ve got!

Even though it’s full of terrible actors (some of which become known outside of the show and even outside of New Zealand, like Temuera Morrison) it fills a large hole in our creative broadcasting that isn’t reality TV, DIY types. I do enjoy those types of programmes but I also want some trash that I can laugh, cry and cringe at.

It’s something that I find myself growing addicted to, but even if I miss six weeks of it while overseas, it’s easy enough to catch up on – praise be! (I missed it tonight to create this cartoon.)

If you need to know more visit TVNZ’s official Shortland Street site. You can also watch episodes online, in case you’re one of the unfortunate nations that don’t screen this legendary show (or if you just can’t pull yourself away from the marvellous John Campbell on the other channel).

Without further ado… this week on Shortline Street, the repo man pays a visit and questions are raised.

Shortline Street: The Repo Man Visits

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