What’s that Smell

Let’s talk about smells – in particular body odour. I don’t mean the occasional fluff – “better an empty house than bad tenants” I’ve been told, I mean the odours that spawn from a lack of personal hygiene. Not a nice subject but I really think some people don’t know that their emanations are offensive.

I’m bringing this up because summer is coming and we all have to fit on that crowded bus somehow.

So 3 simple steps to make everyone’s lives a little more pleasant:

  1. Shower everyday and use soap or other body wash.
  2. Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner (though guys probably don’t need conditioner) every couple of days at least to remove greasy build-up.
  3. Use antiperspirant deodorant after showering. (Use an unscented one if you would rather use your own perfume.)

Simple – yes. Cooperation – yes please. Many thanks.

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