Merely Musing

  • So men can lactate – wonder how the hubby will feel about sharing the responsibility when we have babies…
  • We had Indian last night and two of us had korma – I had the prawn and she had the chicken. It’s entirely possible that there’s a large vat of korma sauce in the kitchen and they just add meat.
  • I wonder what tragedy will strike McLeod’s Daughters next? I don’t watch it but the ads always show someone being emotionally wounded, physically wounded or fatally wounded. I reckon in the last ever episode they’ll all keel over in a tragic tartan mess because they just can’t take it anymore!
  • Looks like we are gearing up for a New Zealand’s Next Top Model. I suggest New Zealand’s Next Top Fa’afine. America’s Next Top Model had Isis Tsunami, but that’s not comparing apples with apples (or bananas with bananas)… New Zealand’s Next Top Fa’afine – that would be o for orsome.
Prettyfull Woman - The latest show by the Laughing Samoans

Prettyfull Woman - The latest show by the Laughing Samoans

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