Shopping Spree!

I had an awesome shopping spree with my best bud yesterday.

To help with reinventing ourselves we decided that we could do with some new clothes. I really did need some new staples seeing as my current selection is years old and literally worn out. If I was a serious fashion blogger, I’d be saying “What I am wearing: things that I should’ve chucked out a few years ago.”

At lunch time we left the boys at home to play Mame games on the projector, and whisked ourselves away to Westfield Queensgate.

The weather wasn’t great so I didn’t feel so guilty that we spent five hours inside a mall. And you do get a lot of exercise running around all those shops and trying on things under hot spot lights. Nevermind the icecreams we had during our break – although I did breathe in the sherbert (unfortnately not orange sherr-bert) on the top of mine so the coughing fit would’ve accounted for some calorie loss surely!

Black and white beauties

Black and white beauties. From top-right: Pin-striped shirt from Temt; Rara skirt from Lippy; Ruffled skirt with belt from Temt; Top from Portmans; Shrug from Valleygirl

The spree went surprsingly well, especially as I am such a slow shopper. Five new items in five hours is pretty damn good for me! And the skirts are something that I normally wouldn’t wear, but as part of the “reinventing” part of the spree, I liked them and will be making myself wear them (weather permitting).

All I need now are some accessories and new shoes – another shopping spree excuse I think :D

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