Restaurant Review: Arashi

After taking advantage of two for one cocktails at Chow, we decided that food was much required and Japanese sounded delicious.

Arashi is a quaint little Japanese restaurant on Courtenay Place, Wellington.

It’s an unpretentious place – plain wooden tables and chairs, no table cloths, disposable chopsticks. You can also opt to sit on the floor at a traditional low table if you don’t mind squishing your bits… no thanks for me.

The funniest part of the experience this time was the waitress. She had a ‘humpfh’ about her, as if she was too busy to be waiting on our table. She gave us about two minutes before coming to take our food order. Noone had decided yet so we asked for another five. It didn’t help that a few of us were having a bit of trouble focussing on the menu (blame it on the drinks) to make up our minds before she came back.

Eventually we all ordered bar one, who was still deciding. Can you believe that the waitress did the whole sighing and looking away thing as our friend was trying her best to make a choice? It was hilarious!

About 15 minutes after we had ordered, my hubby joined us and we asked another waiter for a menu. Our original waitress arrived not long after and asked the hubby “Are you going to eat something?” to which I replied without hesitation “Yes!”. I think she realised what a silly question that was because she gave me a smile and laughed about it.

The food there was good. The menu is extensive and the sets are good as an easy option.

I had the teppanyaki beef set that included rice, miso and salad for $18. The previous time I had teriyaki squid which was tasty but a little too sweet for me.

The pork dumplings were yummy too – luckily my friend offered me one as I usually can’t fit in a starter as well. Don’t get put off by the smell of the chives (I think they were garlic chives from the strength) in them – it can smell like someone just let something off but then you realise what it is and it’s all ok. Kind of like how parmesan can smell like sour sick but it tastes good in food.

After she calmed down a little (someone must’ve come back from their break or something) I think the waitress did well handling a bunch of boozed diners. We were certainly vocal that evening so I think the other diners did well too!

And we all enjoyed what we ordered. Definitely a good place for a casual dinner with friends.

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