To Be a Kid Again

How cool would it be to be a kid again? Especially one having a birthday party! Chips, cheerios, fruit kebabs, fairy bread, sausage rolls and a lolly train cake!

The birthday cake

The birthday cake

This train cake took three of us about two hours to make, and the cake was already baked beforehand.

It’s a basic butter cake with butter cream icing and a whole lotta lollies! It even had chocolate coins as wheels. The design isn’t our own – it’s straight out of a book and we did pretty well replicating it. The coin wheels were our own touch though.

And yes, it was delicious. I had a piece from the allsorts carriage of course :)

The birthday boy (hubby’s nephew) loved it too, even though it was a little tricky to eat.

Eating his birthday cake

Eating his birthday cake

And you know what made me even more jealous? He had a bouncy castle! A proper one. I never had a bouncy castle at any of my birthdays, and I don’t remember anyone who had. Lucky little bugger.

Bouncy castles are a great way to keep the rascals busy and it also tires them out (yus!), but do expect tears because kids will be kids.

Oh, the fun they got up to… There was even a moment where they all decided to play with the party ice and started putting it down each other’s pants – hehe!

To be a kid again… *sigh*.

Bouncy castle!

Bouncy castle!

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