Cute on a Budget

I am continuing my mission to reinvent myself. This last week I have managed to pick up some very cute items, and without breaking the bank!

My latest purchases

From top left: Headbands from Equip; Beads from Luminary; Checkered shirts from Jay Jays; Sneakers and flats from Number 1 Shoes

Every time I visit Palmerston North, I attempt to go to the Number 1 Shoes there. For some reason I always seem to pick up something there that I never see in any of the other stores in Wellington.

This weekend was a double-success. I found myself a pair of Chuck-style sneakers and a pair of quilted black and pink flats complete with bows! Too cute! And very comfortable too, which is just as important.

I also picked up a set of black and white headbands (yay polka dots!) during my 4 hour shopping excursion in Palmie. Not as successful as the last spree but then again, shoe shopping is even more of a challenge for me than clothes shopping so maybe it was more successful…

Yesterday Ms Constantine and I went for a walk to the Number 1 Shoes on Lambton Quay. Didn’t find anything new there (didn’t see those flats either). On the way back we stopped at Jay Jays and that’s where we found the two tops, buried among the infamous ‘specials’ piles – super!

Today we visited the shops in the Old Bank Arcade. The beads I got are from a dinky accessory shop called Luminary in there. I hadn’t noticed this shop before and decided to pop in while Ms C. visited the powder room. Good for me, because there they were, glaring at me in all its pretty pink glory, begging “Buy me!”. So I did. And there they are. :D

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