I’ve Missed You Pear Cider

While in the UK I developed a taste for Kopparberg pear cider. (There is also a Kopparberg UK website, which is unfortunately an annoying Flash-based one where you have to wait for the pretty images to load just so you can read one paragraph of text per section…)

In a nutshell, it’s a Swedish pear cider that’s popular in England, alongside the English Bulmers and Irish Magners brands of pear cider.

Let me tell you, a cold pear cider with your Sunday roast lunch is deeelicious. My review of Koppaberg would be something like this:

Very aromatic. Almost a “lolly” pear taste with the sweetness to match. Best served cold with plenty of ice.

I had Koppaberg with a variety of food from chicken and chips, to haggis and neeps. It was delicious every time and in the case of the haggis, it was also the highlight of the meal.

After complaining about missing Kopparberg, the hubby got me a substitute pear cider from Regional Wines called Le père Jules Poiré which was quite good. It was like what I imagine a pear champagne would be but it was only 4% alcohol. My description of the Le père pear cider:

Very clean, crisp pear cider. Looked and sparkled like a champagne. Refreshing, subtle taste. Pleasant and easy to drink.

Bottle of Le Pere Jules Poires image

Bottle of Le Pere Jules Poires

This one certainly sounds more ponsy, doesn’t it? I imagine it would also be quite good as a main cocktail ingredient. I will have to try it next time seeing as we finished this bottle quite quickly!

Pear cider with ice is the way I’ve grown to love it, mainly because you can’t get a properly chilled drink in UK pubs. Apparently the “with or without ice” is a largely debated subject in England.

I am trying to convince my hubby to brew some pear cider, but that entails getting lots of pears, and for cheap. And they’re not in season right now either. We, well he, would also need to learn how to do it. I’m guessing it’s not as easy as the home brew kits you get from the supermarket.

So, if anyone knows where I can get some other good pear ciders in Wellington, please share!

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2 thoughts on “I’ve Missed You Pear Cider

  1. Oh, if we had only known that Ikea do pear cider we would’ve gotten some when we were in the UK.
    New Zealand doesn’t have Ikea (yet, so I’ve heard) – I assume you’re talking about the same thing…?


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