Loving the 50s

I am currently in love with the fashion of the 50s. Not so much the high-waisted skirts and pants (or “trousers” for the English who are at this moment sniggering at my use of “pants”). I imagine those would cover my boobs on my short frame… But the other skirts, dresses and tops are kawaii desu yo!

Recently I stumbled across the Dolly Dagger website and developed a sudden urgency to go back to the UK. Pity I’m not rich enough to do that. Or even to afford anything in pounds.

So for now I will sigh, dream and hunt down similar things here in New Zealand.

Some goodies from Dolly Dagger

Some goodies from Dolly Dagger - Want!

Image source: Dolly Dagger

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3 thoughts on “Loving the 50s

  1. O me too! We need to do a trip to Cuba Street, places like Alc have dresses like that.
    Shanton has a couple at the moment too.

    I love the little blue top with the pink ribbon! And the red and black dress, just needs a huge petticoat for underneath :]


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