Road Trip Essentials

Roaaddd triiiip!!

Toi tois and vineyards along a South Island road

Roaaaddd triiiip!!! For a fun trip, I make sure to have the following:

Music CDs

Music is a huge part of taking a road trip. The radio is great – until you lose reception. Compilation albums of your favourite sing-alongs make the boring bits less boring. My all time favourite sing-along would have to be Don Mcean’s American Pie.

Salty snacks

Potato chips, Rashuns, rice crackers – usually one of these are in my bag of goodies. For some reason they are an anti-nausea miracle for me. They get the stale taste out of my mouth, fill my hunger, and I think the sodium in them helps keep me hydrated.


Can’t have salty without sweet. Everyone loves lollies! Let them be Bassetts Allsorts Licorice this year :D


Water, energy drinks, whatever that will keep you hydrated.

Toilet stops

You gotta go when you gotta go.

Ice cream stops

I love Rocky Road – Tip Top Rocky Road in strawberry that is. That and Fruju are my favourite icy treats when road-tripping. On our European Impressions bus tour I got into a habit of having ice cream for morning tea. Bad I know, but awesome at the same time!

A rubbish bag

What ya gonna do with all that rubbish from your snacks? Not throw it out the window I hope! Have a bag to put all your rubbish in until you can bin it properly.

Map or satellite navigator

Essential only if you don’t know where you’re going. Satellite navigators are good for exploring the small streets, and for finding places of interest like hotels and petrol stations. I wish we had our Navman in the UK – it would’ve saved us alot of time.

Drive safely this holidays!

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