So Bloomin’ Close

My orchid is so close to blooming again!

I got it as a wedding present in February which was when it was last in flower.

My orchid when it was in full bloom earlier this year

My orchid when it was in full bloom earlier this year

After several weeks the flowers began dropping off. There were two stalks, and after some investigation online, I decided to cut one of them off, just above the first eye from the base, to encourage new growth.

Unfortunately this didn’t work and the stalk stub just rotted.

So, after some more investigation, I found that I could cut back anywhere along the stalk as long as it was just above an eye. I cut back the remaining stalk leaving about two thirds, and kept a close eye on it for a few weeks.

Then I had Ms. Constantine look after it for me while we were overseas for six weeks. When I got it back it had a new shoot growing out of the cut stalk!

It’s been growing ridiculously fast ever since (about 20cm in the last two months) and now there are buds. I will probably have flowers again when I get back from our end-of-year festivities. Can’t wait!

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