How Much He Cares

Time in relationship versus How much he cares

"Time in relationship" vs. "How much he cares"

Be thankful if your “Meh plateau” stays constant over time.

We still love our boys *kiss kiss* :D

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3 thoughts on “How Much He Cares

  1. Nah, all to do with scale.

    I’d say you are at the point just before marriage :)

    And the meh plateau can be seen as a minute decline in the current level of caring.

    Caring less doesn’t necessarily mean loving you less. It might just mean he’ll stop shaving in the weekends, or can’t be bothered changing out of a smelly shirt after mowing the lawns, or doesn’t notice you’ve had a hair cut…

    Nothing to worry about my pretty :D
    (If he’s unbearable you kick his arse.)


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