Barbecue Essentials

Tis the season to have bbqs!

JPG of a barbecue

Charcoal bbqs all the way

The Barbecue

Preferably a charcoal one because after all, a gas bbq is just a big frying pan isn’t it? You can’t beat the taste of char-grilled meat (or vegies for those strange folk). If you must use a gas bbq, then at least leave some burnt bits so we can pretend that you’ve used a real bbq


Must – have – meat. That is a rule at our bbqs :)


Let’s face it – everything is always running behind time at bbqs. There’s too much drink, sun and friends around to distract you from cooking at the planned time.

To avoid having a bunch of guests trollied before sun down, have some nibbles available. Favourites are cheese and crackers, chips, vegetables and dip, fruit, peanuts, pistachios and pretzels.


It’s pretty common in the Kiwi culture to BYO drinks to a bbq. It’s nice though to provide a few complimentaries, especially some non-alcoholic ones for those who have drawn the short straw to drive. And don’t forget to have a good supply of ice (for cocktails most importantly).


Manly men (“men, men, men, men, manly men, ooohoo ooo ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh, oooo ooooh, aaaa haaaaa“) might grumble at the thought of having salads at such a primitive occasion as cooking on a fire. None the less, salads are good for you, and your bowels will be thankful especially after you assault it with a large quantity of meat (no dirty puns intended).


You cannot forget desserts at a bbq! Pavlova, banoffee pie, cheesecake, chocolate mousse and any other desserts that I have failed to mention :) I will gladly provide the cupcakes.

Good Company

Ensure you invite good friends. They make all the difference to a successful bbq – and they’re less likely to nick your stuff.

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One thought on “Barbecue Essentials

  1. Yummy. I want to go to a BBQ so badly!

    You asked at my blog of sun tea was the same as iced tea. The answer is yes.
    It’s actually called sun tea because of the way it’s brewed– the sun warms up the water.


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