Stuff I Luff

  • Free pool at JJs on Thursdays. I didn’t know about this regular feature until last week. It’s awesome.
  • Free stuff in general is also awesome. Did I mention the cookies I got?
  • Sleeping in. Harder to do when it’s so nice in the mornings. Snooze, dream, wake up, repeat.
  • Second-hand stores. Not the ponsy ones that overcharge for everything. I’m talking about the ones where the cheap prices make up for the peculiar smell of the place.
  • Sangria on the deck. Anything¬† juicy and cold on the deck on a hot day – I luff.
  • Enjoying the two flowers on my orchid while they last.
  • Mussels at the Leuven Belgian Beer Cafe – for $18.90 you can get a kilo pot of delicious mussels and frites, a meal large enough to share between two.
  • Griffin’s Cameo Cremes. One of my childhood favourites that I still love, though now with a cup of tea and a snuggle with the hubby :D
Griffins Cameo Cremes

Chocolate biscuit and coconut creme make a delicious treat

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