Restaurant Review: Hong Kong BBQ

This is the place on Kent Terrace that has barbecued meat hanging in the front window – ducks, chicken, ribs and roasted pork.

I’ve been to HK BBQ several times now, mainly for a quick cheap dinner or lunch.

They also do bubble tea. Heard of bubble tea? If not, it’s flavoured tea (hot or cold) that has optional “bubbles” added to it for about an extra $1. The bubbles are either balls of black tapioca, coconut pieces or small pieces of jelly pudding. I’ve only tried it with tapioca, which look kind of like big frog’s eggs at the bottom of your glass. I get it for the fun factor.

Bubble tea with the bubbles caught in the straw

Bubble tea with "bubbles" in the straw

The service is usually efficient, although this last time we went I think they forgot about our order. We had a couple waitresses come by and check our ticket with some confusion. The food took aaaages, but the bubble tea was enough to keep me going till then – the tapioca can be quite filling!

Their barbecue meats are delish. The triple meat dish is a good way to try three types at the same time.  Crispy roast pork is always good!

The hubby’s favourite dish is the Shanghai noodles, which are delicious.

I quite like the clay pot Chilli Chicken Wings but it varies from medium spicy to almost-too-spicy-to-eat, without any guarantees. The wings are chopped up and bones make it a bit fiddly to eat without using all your fingers.

This time I tried the sweet and sour fish pieces. These were quite good, though a bit bland when alternating with the Shanghai noodles. I found them particularly tasty the next day for lunch, with just rice.

That’s another thing – the servings here are generous. The two of us usually settle for two dishes with rice, which is plenty. Sometimes there’s enough for lunch the next day too.

It’s not a glamorous place. I’ve noticed the disposable chopsticks have been replaced by reusable ones now. The tables could be less sticky though.

Hong Kong BBQ is great for good old-fashioned Chinese food and bubble tea, if that’s what you’re after.

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