Movie Review: Gran Torino

I had no idea what Gran Torino was about but am so glad that I watched it.

The story is about Walt, a Korean war veteran, who resides on his own in a rough neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is primarily made of Hmong people, who he has decided to despise until one day he catches his neighbour trying to steal his precious Gran Torino. That moment sees his relationship with this community change and his life turn in a way he never expected.

The family life of the Hmong people are amusingly similar to my own, as I come from a mingled Chinese/Cambodian/Vietnamese background. I just had to laugh out loud when Walt is glared at for patting a small girl on the head – a big no-no in my culture for different reasons to the Hmong, but still frowned upon. And when the women kept on putting food on Walt’s plate at the dinner table, obviously more than he needs, or even wants. My husband has experienced this many times when dining with my family. It’s just a sign of hospitality, but can become awkward when you can’t eat everything on your plate as wastage is also frowned upon!

Eastwood plays the get-off-my-lawn-or-I’ll-shoot-you-with-my-shot-gun grumpy old man type. And he’s not kidding.

Like the Cornetto catch phrase – there are no boring bits. Humour, drama, action and warm fuzziness fills this movie.

I laughed, cried, and applauded on the inside when the credits rolled.

Not only does Eastwood direct and act in this movie, the lovely theme song is written, and in the movie partly sung, by Clint Eastwood – I am even more impressed.

Excellent watching.

Oh, and listen out for when he says “Go ahead” (make my day), in that Dirty Harry voice – surely something for avid Eastwood fans. Here’s the part from Sudden Impact I’m referring to – it’s cheesey but it’s awesome. We love you Clinty.

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