Project 365: Week 6

My week in photos as part of Project 365:

Thursday 5 February 2009

The two flowers on my orchid are in full bloom. No, wait – that was a caption from last week’s photos… but almost fitting for these Barbie dolls at The Green Man. Apart from the waiting time fun, they do $6 pizzas on Thursdays that are delish!

JPG image of Barbie doll table numbers

The one of the left I dub "Al Bundy Barbie". No comment for the one flashing her plastic fantastics though.

Friday 6 February 2009

Waitangi Day – public holiday – woohoo! We head over the Cook Strait on a morning ferry to spend the weekend in Picton and attend a wedding. It’s a beautiful day and the views from our hotel are awesome.

JPG image of a view of Picton

How peaceful

Saturday 7 February 2009

The wedding of Colin and Jesi. Such a romantic wedding – Jesi makes her entrance in a dinghy rowed by her father! Congratulations guys!

JPG image of Jesi and her father

Jesi and her father walking up the jetty

Sunday 8 February 2009

The Frog and Dog in Picton do some good banana bacon hotcakes. I have these on both Saturday and Sunday.

JPG image of hotcakes for breakfast

Breakfast al fresco is the way to go in summer

Monday 9 February 2009

Back to work, and oh look – my new 22 inch flat screen is here! I think they gave me one of these so I would quit complaining.

JPG image of my new 22 inch flat screen monitor

My mega screen making my other one look inadequate

Tuesday 10 February 2009

My succulent (that I “saved” from a “dangerous” cliff in Lyall Bay) are in bloom again. The flowers are so cute you almost expect fairies to be hiding in them, or pixies using them as hats.

JPG image of a flowering succulent

Cute little bunches

Wednesday 11 February 2009

Colin is still away (honeymoons are overrated, really), and another one of our guys left last week. I have been flooded with IT requests and help queries the last few days.

Today three people give me thank you cards and chocolate fishes within 10 minutes of each other which was very unexpected.

Thanks guys for making me feel appreciated :)

JPG image of the chocolate fish I got as thank yous

Three chocolate fish for me

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