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Thanks to Ms Constantine for tagging me, I now present to you my blogging workspace.

I usually blog at home. I used to blog at work during my breaks but I often work through them now, or opt to get out of the office so I can have a real break.

My workspace at home is the lounge. I feel that I neglect the hubby enough as it is to have a private space for blogging. At least here I can still be around him, and keep one eye on whatever’s on TV (because we have lots of shows like Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Prison Break and so on, to watch).

I always sit on a different couch to the hubby because he likes to be sneaky and read what I’m blogging before I’m finished.

My essentials are my Acer laptop (or should I say “Arce” because sometimes it sucks it), Canon 40D camera, tablet and drink bottle. Blogging is thirsty work! Or at least for me. Sometimes it’s not just water I drink :)

My blogging workspace with all I need

My blogging workspace with all I need

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