Century City Ho

This is a new hotel being built on Tory Street in Wellington.

Unfortunately they hadn’t quite reached the stage of putting up the rest of the word “hotel” and thus people like me come along and make fun of it.

Thats one big ho

That's one big ho

The next time I saw it they had temporarily taken down the “o”.

Hubby tells me that they then had “hot” for a while, and now the full word “hotel” is there.

I will still remember it as the Century City Ho though.

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2 thoughts on “Century City Ho

  1. I live in that building and I loved telling people that I live in ‘Century City Ho’. It was a bit of a shame when all the letters went up.


    Chickie Little

    I had to make my husband stop the car so I could take a photo. I love this sort of thing :)


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