I’ve Been Plagiarised!


I found out that a woman running a food blog totally ripped off my photo of the Jack Frooze cocktails I invented, and copied my recipe almost word for word (this is a cached page that may expire soon). The only original thing was that she called it a Jackfruit Smoothie and her minor changes don’t make much sense in the article, like Absolute vanilla yoghurt!! Yeah, that should be Absolute Vanilla vodka, biatch.

She even went as far as watermarking the photo as her own work!! Not cool.

The culprit is Swapna Praveen (boooo!), who has since removed her blog tiffinroom.blogspot.com and let’s hope it never resurfaces!

Luckily she was caught out by Usha from Usha Nandini’s Recipes. She apparently has used many, many pictures and recipes without permission from the owners, as Usha reveals.

I have since found another site that credits her with my photo – have asked for it to be correctly credited to eggshellgreen.com so hopefully they will comply.

My photo, not yours Swapna!!

My photo, not yours Swapna!!

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5 thoughts on “I’ve Been Plagiarised!

  1. These plagiarizers will never learn. You can report to the administrator of the current website that has the plagiarized photos (i.e. the link you gave me). You can also give my website link to the administrator if it helps. BTW, I won’t forget the cat with the…ha!ha!ha!


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