Baby Update at 13 Weeks

Yay for homemade sushi!

I’ve been craving some ever since I got pregnant and everyone chowing down at the sushi train in the Gold Coast made up my mind about making some as soon as I had time. I even made homemade pickled ginger which is extremely easy to do and turned out surprisingly well considering I only pickled them that morning.

Smaller dinners mean having to get up at 3am to have a snack. So before bed time I have to have a snack. I’m loving peanut butter and jam sandwiches at the moment. That’s another thing I haven’t had for aaaages but now want all the time.

Everytime I think my morning sickness is subsiding, it seems to make a comeback. So I won’t say that this week. In fact, I’ve felt more queasy earlier this week than previously.

The bump is getting bigger and people have been noticing. It’s cute how people touch my tummy. I don’t mind, it’s just something that I’m not used to yet.

I can no longer properly zip up my jacket at my ‘melons’ (as the hubby calls them now). Not so great when it’s 9°C and there are bitter Southerlies outside. Wish I was in the Gold Coast again – minus the flooding.

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