Birthday Tea Party

Yesterday I turned a year older – boo! But at least it was an excuse to throw a tea party.

I don’t know why I put myself through these things. Oh wait, I do. It’s all the food I get to have at the end :)

I made sure that everything I made was pregnant-woman safe. I really wanted sushi which is fine if made fresh. I needed to heat up the smoked chicken and prawns before using them though. No big deal. The sushi was definitely worth it!

And of course there were cupcakes. The brother-in-law’s wedding is next Saturday and I’ll be making about 65 cupcakes for that. Had to have a trial run, and all is deliciously well.

Fez was really well-behaved. He got bored after a couple hours and put himself to bed. The only thing we are still battling with is his peeing inside when the weather is crap. It makes no sense as he will still happily go outside afterwards to reload with a drink of water. Naughty boy! I am punishing him with the silent treatment, after a telling off and 5 minute time-out outside.

Cupcakes and tea

Cupcakes and tea

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Tea Party

  1. Hello miss! Number one, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and number two, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I haven’t been here in so long I read all the way back to when you first found out, that is amazing news! x


    Chickie Little

    Thanks Em! Haven’t done much blogging since the pregnancy. It really takes everything out of you. Will be worth it though.


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