Stuff I Luff

  • Being pregnant. Ok, so I whinge alot about it, and will whinge even more later, but it’s a magical feeling knowing that you have created a little human being that will look somewhat like you and your husband.
  • Cupcakes. That’s a no-brainer. I’ve bought myself another two trays making four all together. Perhaps it’s time to make a living out of them… maybe.
  • Booth’s line on Bones: Bones. She’s not a real masseuse. She’s a, you know, ‘happy ending’ masseuse. I wouldn’t have got the joke if it wasn’t for the conversation about this in the Gold Coast the other week. Awesome.
  • Fez. So he pees everywhere and emits funky smells, but besides that he’s pretty cool and we love him to bits.
Fez with his name tag before he chewed it in half

Fez with his name tag before he bit it in half

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