Movie Review: The Uninvited

Have you seen The Ring and The Sixth Sense? The Uninvited is in the same scary boat with its crawling ghoulies and such. I’ve become a little immune to scary scenes over the years but this movie still managed to make me jumpy enough to hit my teeth with the mug of milo I was drinking.

As in the The Sixth Sense, Anna sees dead people. They’re everywhere (like stupid people). Well almost. They’re mostly in her home and she thinks they’re all trying to tell her that the evil step mother is their murderer.

And like The Ring which is a remake of the Japanese movie Ringu, The Uninvited is a remake of a Korean one called A Tale of Two Sisters. I’ll be looking out for that one too.

Although there are the usual “why the hell would you” moments, it’s a well written story with an ending I didn’t see coming.

Worth a watch if you’re not too wussy, but you might want to watch it with a friend.



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