Wellington Wonders

If you run out of stuff to do in Wellington why not try the following?

  • Attempt to roller blade down the suburban Wellington streets. Build your confidence up to try the streets of Mt Victoria (yeah, right!)
  • Attempt to use an umbrella on Bowen Street on a windy day.
  • Attempt to ride a bus standing up without holding on to anything the whole way.
  • Get semi-warm KFC on Kent Terrace and see if they give you half-filled fries in your meal too.
  • Go up to the “Excuse me…” guy in front of the TAB and impersonate him – let me watch.
  • Try and legitimitely buy Codral from the Lambton Quay chemist from the woman with caked-on makeup. Good luck.
  • Watch the Juggling Guy on Courtenay place play with his balls – oh, behave. He juggles tennis balls in his 90s-David-Bain sweater.
  • Dare yourself to check if Blanket Man is abiding the law by wearing gruts.
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3 thoughts on “Wellington Wonders

  1. Oh, the ‘Excuse Me’ guy drives me insane! I’ve started to cut through the lane next to the Splash Club to avoid him. But that means I can’t avoid the woman who hangs out with him…at the moment she’s parked on the seats at the bus stop outside the St James.

    Welly characters, one and all :)


    Chickie Little

    His woman… the hubby only told me that they were together not long ago. I laughed when you used the word ‘parked’ – bit insensitive of me but at the same time it’s a perfect description!



    Haha, I didn’t even think of that when I wrote ‘parked’


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