Baby Update at 21 Weeks

Must buy new clothes! I own a lot of stretchy tees but even they are now too fitting they feel a little uncomfortable. And the top I got in the Gold Coast in May (especially for when I got bigger) has a discoloured smudge on one of the boobs from my careless use of bleach when washing Fez’s blankies. :(

As usual, I googled what my baby looks like at the current gestational week, and stumbled across Amillia the world’s youngest premature baby to survive.

Wow, it’s hard to imagine that a baby like Amilla is currently inside of me! Amillia looked so tiny and frail, and it’s a wonderful miracle that she survived. Looks like she has done well and Amillia is growing into a happy toddler.

Here’s a picture of me taken on Friday. I didn’t realise my dress wasn’t pulled down properly at the back, and it looks like I have weird fat rolls there…

21 weeks pregnant

21 weeks pregnant

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3 thoughts on “Baby Update at 21 Weeks

  1. aww cute!! little bubby girl hehe

    i actually have dreams of my teeth falling out too! or crumbling like flour or something! some books have said it has to do with communication- maybe there is something you are holding back


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