Things I Miss

Being pregnant is exciting, but for the most part it’s a lot of work and there are lots of things that I miss.

  • Sushi. I miss my dearly beloved Midland Sushi so much! I’ve made sushi at home but you have to go the extra mile and heat up any cold meats like smoked chicken and surimi, just to make it safe.
  • Cold ham sandwhiches. A slice of royal carve ham on some bread and butter would be bliss right now.
  • Running. It makes a difference when the bus is coming!
  • Sleeping however you want. I’m trying to sleep on my side as recommended, but even so, sleeping is much more uncomfortable than before.
  • Eating full meals. Although I eat more often now, I usually can’t finish off a proper sized meal in one sitting. Especially annoying when the meal’s so delicious and you have to stop eating, only to be hungry again a bit later.
  • Fitting into your clothes – grrr! Finding clothes is even more annoying than when I wasn’t pregnant. Noone makes child-sized maternity wear!!
  • Alcohol. I don’t want to sound like an alcoholic now, but yummy cocktails after work or on the deck in the weekend is sorely missed!

(By the way, I have several cocktail recipes including one for the picture below. I should get around to creating some virgin cocktails at some stage.)

Cocktails - denied!

Cocktails - denied!

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7 thoughts on “Things I Miss

  1. LOL, childsize matternity wear! Missy, I think you can just wear a regular size S as opposed to the xxxxs you must normally fit into!
    I’m jealous (but uber happy for you) about the pregnancy but after reading the list, I’m *slightly* not :)


    Chickie Little


    I am buying size 10 instead of 8… but I have to pick baggy top which is easy enough with the current fashion.

    Pants are the hard thing, so that’s why the tops I get are long enough to cover up my unbuttoned pants!


  2. Oh restrictions! There are unbelievable amounts of things you can’t eat when you are pregnant, it’s ridiculous! I hope everything is going well! <3


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