Movie Review: Max Payne

Another military experiment gone wrong.

An addictive drug called Valkyr is created to make soldiers stronger, braver and so forth, and also more stupid, I think.


That girl’s got a bigger gun than you Max

Max Payne, played by Mark Wahlberg (who I thought was Stephen Dorff throughout the whole film!), is a detective obsessed with avenging his wife and son’s murder.

That whiny chick from That 70s Show is also in this movie. She’s had a bit of a makeover, but I still expected her to be yell out “Michael!” sporadically during the movie.

The movie is based on the Max Payne video game which I remember my brother playing years ago. The slow motion scenes screamed out John Woo, which the move isn’t directed by, but apparently the game was heavily based on Woo-type movies. No surprises then.

A dark comic book action with lots of guns, testosterone, and slow-mo. Definitely a guy’s movie. It wasn’t bad but I wouldn’t compare it to Kill Bill or anything epic.

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