Baby Update at 22 Weeks

Just as I thought everything was going swimmingly, I develop pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome.

It really sucks because my right hand is always tingly, and I can’t do things that require gripping for long – like brushing teeth, or writing, or even opening jars. My right arm aches often too, including the elbow and shoulder. The worst thing is that it’s keeping me awake at night.

My midwife says it’s only going to get worse, and it usually doesn’t occur this early¬† :(

She recommended acupuncture so I tried it yesterday.¬† I had some points put in my wrists as well as ankles to combat any swelling that may be occurring there. It’s a weird sensation and I’ll need a few sessions before I notice any changes – assuming it works.

I was told to reduce my fat, salt and dairy intake as they cause water retention – nooOooOoo! All the good things!

At least this is an excuse not to do dishes :)

I wonder what else is in store during this pregnancy…?

Me at 22 weeks pregnant

Me at 22 weeks pregnant and now with carpal tunnel syndrome...

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4 thoughts on “Baby Update at 22 Weeks

  1. Aw thanks Ela :)

    It’s been feeling worse the last few days, but hopefully the next couple sessions will make a difference.

    Its good seeing my belly grow, although it’s getting harder to do things now!


  2. hope the acupuncture works! but you should milk it for all its worth, no dishwashing, no cleaning, no laundry….


    Chickie Little

    Haha! Yeah, I try… hubby’s been understanding but I can’at have him do everything for me! Not yet anyway :)


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