Baby Update at 23 Weeks

My carpal tunnel syndrome doesn’t seem to be getting any better, but I’m hopeful…

I had my third acupuncture appointment tonight and if it doesn’t get better in the next few days then I will have to wear a hand brace :(

Tonight the acupuncturist put a point into my palm – ouchie!! She knew it was going to hurt and said it’s sometimes better not to say anything before hand and just get it done. There was a bit of blood when she took it out, and it stung the whole time. Now I have a bruise there. Definitely not looking forward to a repeat!

At least we went to Wagamama for dinner afterwards, which made me feel better :) We also got to use the $40 in Wagamama vouchers from the Entertainment Book people to make up for our terrible experience at Café Pica. What great customer service! Too bad Café Pica doesn’t seem to care, but that’s their problem.

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4 thoughts on “Baby Update at 23 Weeks

  1. Oh that sounds painful :( Next time show her the bruise…and tell her to be careful!

    Thank you for your warm comments :) My mom was really slim – she was 98lbs before she had me! And still stayed really slim after that. Then she had my brother at 35 then she never lost the weight. That’s just around the corner for me(really, I’m pretty much there)…I do look very much like her so we’ll see, I might’ve inherited that too :)


    Chickie Little

    I think it’s supposed to hurt :(

    So you’re going to have two kids shortly then? :p


  2. I had carpel tunnel with Isy, and it suck arse!! It sadly gets worse the further along but then your baby will pop out(rather painfully ) and all symptoms will dissapear.Never got It with Tayla=) You’ll be ok, not too much longer……bring on my niece!!!


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