Movie Review: District 9

The hubby exclaimed one night that we have to go watch District 9.

I didn’t know much about the movie except for the trailers. Hubby explained in a nutshell that whilst awaiting the OK for Halo, Peter Jackson jumped at the opportunity to produce District 9 – a movie that has had rave reviews due to the talent of little known or unknown actors and a very good story line involving aliens stranded in South Africa. Sounded good.

And it was.

I’m not sure how much sway Peter Jackson had on the story, but there were scenes reminescent of his splatter movies like Brain Dead.

I found myself swapping sides a lot in the movie – I was for the humans, then the aliens, then the main character, then I wished he would stop being an ass, then the aliens again.

Scene from the movie District 9

Scene from the movie District 9

The story is based on the issues of racial segregation and it was hard not to compare the situation with the Apartheid policy, being set in South Africa and all. It made me a bit ashamed that we as humans possess traits such as racism, prejudice and selfishness.

Good acting, story line, action and special effects, plus popcorn and ice cream make for a great movie experience :)

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