Baby Update at 26 Weeks

I have tipped the scales this week – now 60.7kgs, which is the first time I’ve ever been in the 60s range. To date I’ve gained about 8 kilos.

At least my weight gain is right on track. In the last month I’ve put on 1.4kg, which aligns with the expected 1 to 1.5kgs.

My fingers feel fat too. The carpal tunnel syndrome is only getting worse but only so slightly. I haven’t been able to wear my wedding ring so now I feel like a pregnant unmarried teen, because I look like one!

So I’ve been pigging out on chocolate and chocolate things. Have you ever tried Arnotts Buttersnap biscuits? I like Anzac biscuits and I like chocolate, so I love Arnotts Buttersnaps because it’s basically an Anzac biscuit with chocolate on one side.

I’m writing this post at work, in my lunch time of course, while eating white chocolate. Our broadband at home is painfully slow at the moment and I have to wait until the new billing month starts on the 29th before we get back to normal speed. I apologise for the lack of photos recently, but that’s why.

Anyway, I’ve had a few crampy feelings this week due to my expanding belly. Moving around is getting more difficult because it hurts to do it too fast and I’m constantly avoiding straining my tummy muscles (because that hurts). You should watch me put on shoes, like the hubby does, and just laugh instead of helping. He’s so going to be my personal slave soon… and then we’ll see who’s laughing!

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6 thoughts on “Baby Update at 26 Weeks

  1. Oh no, are you going to get the dirty *kids having kids* look.
    Don’t feel bad, it’s mostly water. S has gained a lot of weight over the almost 8 years of marriage…I had to buy him a new wedding ring as the original no longer fits…and he’s not even pregnant ;)


    Chickie Little

    People are probably already giving me that look, behind my back perhaps… On her 21st birthday, my friend’s mum conceived her little sister, and she said people were being all patronising to her whenever she took her sister in the stroller!

    Wow, thinking about it, her sister would be about 6 years old now – time flies!

    8 weeks till no work!


  2. Never tried those but sounds delicious. Must be weird to be in the phase of your life when you want to be putting on weight, what a turn around. Not so nice about the crampy feelings though. Yay for soonish maternity leave. What will you do, wear a mumu and lie in the sun eating chocolate biscuits? That’s what I would do…


    Chickie Little

    Lol! Lying in the sun wearing a mumu eating chocolate sounds divine! I’ve joked about getting a mumu, although the hubby’s t-shirts are large enough to be a good substitute. And mumus would probably be excessive large on me!

    I’ll probably be doing more crafting, making some more baby stuff, deciding what to do about the baby’s room, thinking of names…

    But for the most part yes, I’ll be lounging around taking it easy and enjoying the sun (hopefully).


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