We are the champions

Wow. The Tall Blacks game on Tuesday night was fantastic!

I hadn’t been to a basketball game before and I have to say I had a lot of fun.

I even witnessed an alley-oop which was pretty cool!

The best part was beating the Boomers. Being a pessimist when it comes to New Zealand sport, I was expecting New Zealand to lead all the way through the game, until the last few minutes when Australia would come back to win – something that’s not so common in these trans-Tasman encounters.

Apart from the booing every time the poor Aussies took a penalty shot, the atmosphere was brilliant.

They had Pacific Island drummers building up the suspense whenever the Boomers took possession. The announcer said they weren’t supposed to play during the game but they soon ignored that; not that anyone minded except perhaps the Australians!

The crowd really got behind the Tall Blacks, and they didn’t let us down, taking away the Al Ramsay Shield with a record breaking margin in the 100-78 score.

What could have made the night better was if I was in one of the special seats where there was catering. Mmm hot nibbles and a glass of wine…

Tall Blacks and Boomers

Tall Blacks and Boomers warminig up

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One thought on “We are the champions

  1. I haven’t been to a game in forever. I’ve forgotten how fun it is. Your arena(?) looks so different from ours. And nibbles at the game are the best :)

    p.s. ewww and sorry for the bed bugs, yikes! And I’ve been in hotel rooms while the cleaning lady was cleaning…they toss the beddings on the ground, while the *fluff* the pillows and they walk everywhere with their shoes…and I don’t know where they’re shoes have been. Best bet is to wear slippers – bought a pair today (forgot to pack them) as I could not stand walking in my flats any longer :)


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