Movie Review: The Ugly Truth

Yay for free movie passes. The hubby and I got to see this advanced screening on Wednesday, courtesy of More FM.

Katherine Heigl plays an unlucky-in-love neurotic young professional who gets love tips from a manly man’s perspective in bagging her ‘perfect’ man.

It’s R16, so expect some crude adult humour and four letter words. Why the people in front of us wanted to bring their little kid along to this I’m not quite sure.

A cute, though predictable story line. I still enjoyed it – after all it’s a romantic chick flick.

By the way, I had a feeling that the guy who played Mike Chadway was from 300. Turns out I was right. He looks much better in The Ugly Truth sans the spray painted abs! (Update: Ok, so I thought those abs looked a bit too fake to be in 300, and Ms Constantine pointed out that the link I gave was to the spoof Meet the Spartans. Lol. King Leonidas has better abs in the real 300 movie.)

Scene from The Ugly Truth movie

Scene from The Ugly Truth movie

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5 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Ugly Truth

  1. I’ll have to wait and see if S&I do see this one. Hope you’re having a great weekend :)
    p.s. I used to be scared of pregnancy, now I’d give anything to attain it. We’ve been ‘trying’ for a few years on/off (couldn’t when I got Dr’s order to not try for a yr) we’re still praying we’ll be blessed with them soon. Every birthday and every Christmas, it’s all I want. Here’s praying my wish comes true soon.


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