I’ll have my cake

So it’s morning tea time and I go into the kitchen and pop in a piece of fruit toast.

Then I notice there’s carrot cake on the table, obviously a help-yourself situation. (Turns out it was a thank you morning tea from one of the managers for some feedback workshops we’ve had.)

I want carrot cake, but I have boring plain fruit toast on the way.

The result? Carrot cake without the icing, and fruit toast with the carrot cake icing. Yum and yum.

(I also later have a big piece of caramel slice. I was going to take some home for the hubby, but it was not to be.)

Fruit toast with carrot cake icing, with carrot cake

Fruit toast with carrot cake icing, with carrot cake on the side

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5 thoughts on “I’ll have my cake

  1. Yum. Do you also get smarter with pregnancy? ingenious!
    Here I was being told pregnancy led to mushy brain…darn staff making excuses for sloppy work.


    Chickie Little

    I’ve always been smart… lol *jokes*.

    I have my “pregnancy brain” moments, believe me.
    Tiredness is probably the main reason for sloppiness, and I’m definitely feeling the fatigue again.


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