Tin o’ baby

Apparently, pregnant women tend to have vivid dreams, particularly later in pregnancy.

So it’s no surprise that I had probably one of the weirdest pregnancy dreams last night.

I dreamt that a workmate of mine was pregnant. And when I say pregnant, I mean she was growing a baby – inside of a giant tin can.

She brought it into the staff kitchen and decided she didn’t want the baby anymore, and so to terminate it she had to open up the tin and take the baby out.

She cut a wedge out of the top of the lid (with something or rather), and then opened up the lid fully.

She took the baby out. It looked like a greeny blue water balloon, shaped like a baby (almost like a giant jelly baby). She squeezed at it to fill in the legs and arms and then laid it on the table.

Next thing we know, the baby, still alive, was dressed in baby clothes and being pushed around on a tea trolley.

Ms Constantine was also in my dream. She oohed at the baby commenting on how cute it was. I was there thinking how I was going to tell her that the baby was actually being ‘aborted’.


I really don’t have any explanations for this dream, and it probably doesn’t have any real meaning. I tend to have lots of wacky dreams anyway, especially when the weather’s warmer.

I know for sure that I love this baby growing inside of me and will love it even more when it arrives.

Image by: idrewuk
Image by idrewuk

Jelly babies

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