A Week Wiser

My learnings this week…

  1. Have tissues handy at all times, especially if you’re sneezy like me and require emergency booger control.
  2. Have a mirror handy at all times. Especially handy after emergency booger control because sometimes you don’t control it all.
  3. If you’re 28 weeks pregnant, don’t over indulge in curly fries and rhubarb pie for afternoon tea, even if you think you’re that hungry. You’ll be regretting it for hours.
  4. Don’t over excite the dog when he’s on the couch. Jumpy dogs and pregnant bellies don’t mix. Ok, I already learnt this from past experiences but thought I would stress it anyway. And the hubby has had a few crushing moments too if you know what I mean.
  5. Don’t be afraid to move seats on the bus if someone is coughing every 30 seconds next to you. I’m always scared that people will get offended if I move for reasons like this, but in the end, I’d rather offend someone then be infected with a cold (or worse, the flu).
  6. Remember to put the baking powder into your cupcakes when you’re supposed to. Once they’re in the cases, it takes a whole lotta effort getting them out of the cases just to add baking powder to the batter…

What have you learnt this week?

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