Baby Update at 28 Weeks

*Yawn*. Yep, the fatigue has definitely kicked in again.

I took a sick day last Monday – hands were too sore to be spending the day on the computer, and the tiredness from my lack of sleep due to said sore hands made it double pointless to be at work. I spent most of that day asleep on the couch with Fez. He’s my perfect dog. He’s always ready for a snooze. He loves cuddles. He’s mild mannered, fun, and oh so cute!

The diet this week has gone downhill. The bad taste in my mouth that I had early on in the pregnancy has resurfaced in a way, and I just want food that tastes good rather than food that’s good for me.

Indigestion and reflux has also made a comeback. The little girl is certainly taking over my tummy space, and I find myself overeating before I know it.

My I’m thirsty these days! I seem to be drinking loads but still feel dehydrated. It’s ironic that you have to drink lots of water to combat water retention. My hands are red, blotchy and fat, and my feet are catching up.

The weird baby dreams have started. The giant jelly baby dream wasn’t so reassuring!

The baby is getting feisty! She sometimes manages to kick and punch me at the same time on opposite sides of my tummy.

Lots of mild blood noses this week.

Have I mentioned that I now have a painful twang in my foot when I walk? The midwife called it ‘pregnancy wear and tear’. Not only do I have a waddle, I also have a limp now. Maybe I can get a cane to go with my hand brace.

At the end of 28 weeks

At the end of 28 weeks

And one of the buttons on my ‘little red riding coat’ popped off on the bus. Just happens to be the one where my belly is the most pokey-out.

Closeup of belly at the end of 28 weeks

I lost my button

As a side note, my parents are visiting for six days from tomorrow. It’ll be the first time they’ve seen me since I got pregnant. If you know my parents, you’ll be wishing me luck… I wonder what other weird ideas they’ll have for me…

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4 thoughts on “Baby Update at 28 Weeks

  1. LOL at the popping button. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us – sans pregnancy.

    Pregnancy wear and tear? Yikes. I say, buy the cane and beat the midwife with it for that comment ;)


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