Baby Update at 29 Weeks

Resources tell me that my blood volume is now double the normal. That explains the blood noses I’m having at least twice a day.

My belly button now looks like a moon crater with raised edges.  I wonder what it will do by the end of this trimester…

On Sunday I had my baby shower. Thanks to my cousin and Ms Constantine for organising things, and everyone who made it there.

Of course I had to make cupcakes and opted for the favourite black forest. I also made a lemon coconut flavour so I could make use of the dessicated coconut that I finally got around to getting (although I only used it on the icing).

Baby shower cupcakes

Baby shower cupcakes

I opted to ice the lemon cupcakes by using a layer of butter cream and then plonking a giant marshmallow on top. A sprinkling of coconut made them look extra fluffy. Some royal icing helped to cement the teeny fondant flowers on top to complete the baby girl look. Lazy but quite effective I thought. I also learnt that I need to use more butter cream because the marshmallow may look like frosting but doesn’t give the same moistness and finger licking quality as frosting :)

The hubby made some cookies that I put away in Chinese takeout boxes for the guests.  Mmm, chocolate cherry, and almond and white chocolate…. He thinks he may have missed an ingredient from the chocolate cherry ones because they turned out rather flat and floppy, so apologies. I think they still tasted good.

The baby shower was great fun. We also got a lot of useful stuff that will help us get started when the baby arrives. Baby clothes, especially girls’ things can be unbelievably cute! Can’t wait to use everything.

We also had our first antenatal class last Wednesday. It’s quite scary learning what is going to happen. My cervix is apparently going to expand to nearly the size of a compact disc and that’s before I can start pushing the baby out!

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4 thoughts on “Baby Update at 29 Weeks

  1. Hubby bakes too? Your household sounds super yummy. Why must you live so far away? So glad you had a wonderful shower, you deserve it :)

    Sorry about the nose bleeds, I hope they stop soon. And a CD before you start pushing? Seriously?

    When is your due date?


    Chickie Little

    Thanks Ela :)

    The nose bleeds will stop after the baby is born I guess. Same with the carpal tunnel syndrome and the swollen feet :/

    Turns out the size of a CD is 12 centimeters . It’s a little bigger than the 10 cm dilation they’re after (the lady decided it was the closes common object to use).

    Due on November 24 – only 10 weeks to go!!


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