A Week Wiser

Fez - hes a good boy sometimes

Fez - he's a good boy sometimes

I have learnt this week…

  • Fez cannot be trusted to stay put when the front door is open.
  • Marshmallows make a great cupcake topper. However cupcakes still require a certain amount of frosting or they’ll taste quite boring.
  • Never ever store precut/left-over onions in the fridge, or anywhere for that matter. They stink!
  • There are actually some good bus drivers in Wellington. Two school girls were occupying a seat and pregnant me was standing in the aisle. The bus driver told them to give up their seat for me. Yay – someone noticed :)
  • My dad can be hilarious at the museum. There was a scale model boat at Te Papa and mum commented on how small it looked. Dad says “People were much smaller back then”. I told him that the boat wasn’t real and it was just a small version for display. We then sat and watched the presentation that projected images of people onto the same boat, and the people were only centimetres high. Was it mean of me to exclaim “Look dad, there are those small people you were talking about!”?
  • My three-day threshold for living with my parents still applies. They’re fun out and about, but when at home, I go a bit crazy after three days.
  • Cutting down on dairy doesn’t make a bit of difference to my carpal tunnel syndrome, despite what the acupuncturist said. I didn’t have my usual bowl of cereal for breakfast for the six days my parents were visiting. Hands still hurt, even more so now.
  • If you collect shells from the beach, remember to check if there’s still something living in them. Don’t leave them in a plastic bag for three days first or you will have to deal with a horrible pongy mess.
  • Kapiti Black Doris Plum & Crème Fraiche icecream is da bomb! We took the parents to the Lindale Centre (as you do when visiting Wellington) and treated ourselves to some ice creams (as you do when visiting the Lindale Centre). It’s not a new flavour, but it was new to me, and it was so delicious. I want some now!
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6 thoughts on “A Week Wiser

  1. lol @ your dad. That’s hilarious.

    You never take me to the Lindale Center :[ I’ve never been.


    Chickie Little

    You’ve never been!? How come the Boy hasn’t taken you yet? We’ll have to have a day trip there soon for a picnic and ice cream :)


    Kiwi Wolf

    I’ve never been to the Lindale Centre either. Never heard of it until you mentioned it in your post. I reckon we should go one day!


    Chickie Little

    Ok, done deal! Pick a day and we’ll all go :)

  2. Yay for that bus driver! Silly self-absorbed school girls…in my day, I got up for pregnant women and the elderly of course. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
    Aw Fez….
    Happy weekend, Chickie!


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