Teeny clothes

In addition to two giant bags of hand-me-downs from my brother and the hubby’s sister, we got a bunch of cute teeny tiny clothes at the baby shower last week.

So I thought I’d share some of them with you.

I went shopping with my mum as she wasn’t sure what I wanted. I picked out a few things including these two playsuits. I fell for pink polka dots and cherries :)

A couple of jump suits I picked out with my mum

A couple of play suits I picked out with my mum

Did I mention that the hubby and his brother share the same birthday but one year apart? And that his brother’s wife and I are both due on the same day? How bizarre! Anyway, the sister-in-law’s mum has been busy knitting for her bubs, and also created an impressive little cardi for our girl.


Hand knited cardi from sister-in-law's mum, and cute cupcake t-shirt from Ms Constantine

I have also been buying some clothes myself – it’s too hard to resist! I got some tiny singlets, and Osh Kosh shorts on sale for $6 for two pairs.

The mums-in-law gave me a super sweet summer dress with matching hat and bloomers. She’s going to be one cute summer babe.


Summer outfits

A friend sent us a package from London, insisting we only open it at the baby shower. I forgot about it until the day after, whoops! The package contained some very cute shoes and a matching head band.

The hubby’s little sister (who also donated a load of her baby’s clothes) got us some Flipper Slippers. Hehe.


Cute feet things sent from London, and Flipper Slippers from the hubby's sister

We have loads more but I had to limit the post for your sakes!

Our baby is still nine weeks away but already she is spoilt for choice. I really can’t wait to dress her :D

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