Baby Update at 30 Weeks

“Stop playing with my perineum”… I bet LadyHawke never thought her My Delirium song would be twisted like that, but if you know me at all I make up lyrics and they are often crass. At least this one’s relevant because if the baby doesn’t fit through they will cut your perineum! OUCH! And first deliveries are likely to end in perineal tears anyway. Just another thing I’ve learnt about the glories of birth.

Moving along…

We had our second antenatal class last Wednesday. The hubby was on his way back from the Tech Ed conference (a geek thing) in Auckland and only made it to the last half hour. The first half was focussed on the choices that new parents make around things like vitamin K, sleeping with baby, child care, and breast feeding. The second was about massages. Being the odd one out without a partner made me the default massage model. I didn’t mind as I was getting massages from a professional masseuse :)

30 weeks 6 days pregnant

30 weeks 6 days pregnant

This week I bought a tri pillow. I’ve been told it’s really helpful for breast feeding and helping to hold the baby if you just want to rest her on your lap. Also it’s supposed to help with sleeping in the later months of pregnancy. I tried it last night and it wasn’t half bad.

I’ve discovered that there’s only one comfortable sleeping position that avoids putting too much pressure on my vena cava and at the same time reduces the carpal tunnel syndrome pain in my hands/arms. That position is a compromise between lying on my left side and on my back. I’m mostly on my back, but a pillow props my back up enough so I’m also on my side, and I can have both arms more or less alongside my body.

Baby is twisting and kicking lots. My belly sometimes looks distorted when she decides to stick her butt out or some other lumpy part of her (as I can’t tell what’s what). She should be starting to turn soon and head downwards. Her head was in the ideal place at the last midwife’s appointment, so let’s hope she’ll be good on the day.

(By the way, our good SLR camera is playing up and being looked at. So lately I’ve had to use the old point and shoot which often results in photos that are reflective, washed out and grainy in comparison. It better be fixed before baby arrives!)

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