A Week Wiser

What have I learnt this week?

  • Grilled tortillas are no substitute for naan bread. I was hopeful but failed. I really need a good naan bread recipe – have tried many but none compares to the ones from the restaurants.
  • Mocktail slushies made from lychees or jackfruit are really good. Even better enjoyed on a sunny deck.
  • When Fez eats Tradescantia fluminensis (Wandering Jew or Wandering Willie) he throws up bright green. I will have to get rid of this weed in case he’s allergic to it. In the meantime I hope he’s learnt his lesson not to eat random things all the time…
  • Dogs and vegetable gardens don’t mix. Must get creative with chicken wire.
  • Skof Chicken Tripods are terribly addictive.
  • The hubby and Fez look extremely cute asleep together on the couch. AwWww!
Daddy and puppy

Daddy and puppy

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7 thoughts on “A Week Wiser

  1. Unless you get a tandoor you’re going to have a hard time replicating naan bread from the restaurants! You can buy frozen stuff, but that’s totally not your style.


    Chickie Little

    We’ve already thought about making our own tandoor! It may be the hubby’s and his mate’s next project after the 22 gallon drum bbq… although they haven’t started that one yet.

    The frozen stuff is pretty close but it usually goes hard soon after warming.

    I do have a close recipe but a tandoor would make it so much better.


    Ms Constantine

    Ooo your own tandoor! I knew you’d do something like that. Yum, garlic naan is the best.


  2. Lucky for us since it’s so multicultural over here, we can pick up some fabulous naan at the grocery store.

    Slightly jealous “Daddy” let you post his pic :(
    And yes, that was S in the reflection – haha – I noticed it too but I didn’t want to mention it in case he made me take it down.

    Lychee mocktail sounds amazing right now…again, why aren’t we neighbours?


  3. oooh naan bread!!! yum yum yum yum! i could live on it, seriously.

    how cute is that picture?! eeep love it


    Chickie Little

    Must have butter chicken with it though!

    Yeah Fez always falls asleep when he’s on the couch while we’re watching tv. Notice the ‘Fez blanket’. He knows what it means when we pull it out – time for a snooze on the couch with the parents!


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