Baby Update at 31 Weeks

Do you know the Gonads and Strife song? The lyrics don’t matter so much, but the title of that song pretty much sums up what pregnancy is all about right now.

At my last visit to the midwife, I was told that I don’t have swollen feet because she can still see my ankles. Welllll… the developing cankles this week beg to differ.

Toilet trips are getting much more frequent. I pee, flush the toilet, then a couple minutes after getting on my feet again, I need to pee. And although it feels like my bladder will explode, it’s usually a disappointing tinkle. I don’t bother flushing every time now – may as well save some water.

The baby seems to be the most active it’s ever been. It’s not so great when she’s jabbing my guts, ribs or bladder. And she apparently has fully formed finger nails and toe nails at this age, which feels horrible when she’s scraping my insides! Great to watch her squirm and kick though. Sometimes she’s bunched up on one side and my tummy is lop-sided. It’s quite bizarre. I wonder when I’m going to start seeing the hands and feet that people talk about?

Sneezing is a bitch! Sometimes I lose the sneeze because I can’t get enough air into my squished lungs. And when I do sneeze it’s sometimes quite violent and I worry about hurting bubs. Then there are the blood noses that like to accompany the sneezes.

31 weeks 6 days pregnant

31 weeks 6 days pregnant

I’m feeling rather heffalumpy these days. As soon as I plant myself down somewhere, I don’t want to move. It’s too much effort and if I’m lying down it can hurt if I’m not careful.

I think I need a La-Z-Boy hover craft that works using impulses from my brain. It should preferably have a magical bladder emptying device too.

Three more weeks of work – wooh!

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One thought on “Baby Update at 31 Weeks

  1. Wow, I can’t believe you’re almost done work! Nesting can begin full-time!
    Eek, you’re so cute I want to squish you…but that wouldn’t be good.


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