A Week Wiser

This week I have found that

  • Giving your dog Gingernuts before a road trip does not guarantee that he won’t throw up in the car. At least I have the preggy excuse so the hubby has the job of cleaning up the messes – yes, plural. Fez threw up three times on our trip to and from Palmerston North.
  • There is such a thing as pregnancy rhinitis. I just thought my anti-histamines weren’t working anymore. Apparently the increase of eostrogen can give you the symptoms of hayfever. As a side note, I did consult with my doctor, the endocronologist father-in-law, the nurse mother-in-law, and the midwife about the safety of taking my anti-histamines during pregnancy.
  • Having a banana and crackers at your bedside is a great idea. The third trimester is almost like a repeat of the first where the tiredness and hunger kicks in again.
  • Not having an operational SLR camera sucks. I’m so used to being able to take good photos that the point and shoot camera just doesn’t compare. I hope Canon gets their act together and fixes it for us. It’s only 18 months old and the shutter is already screwed yet they’re being hesistant about getting it fixed. Apparently there is dust in the shutter and it’s not cleanable, although we haven’t been in any extreme dusty conditions where we would have exposed the shutter to dust. And if the shutter gets dusty and screws up in 18 months under normal use, then that’s pretty crappy.
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3 thoughts on “A Week Wiser

  1. hehehe yesss get the hubby to do the dirty work!!

    did u hear Kraft is now going to re change the stupid isnack name? how pathetic would you feel if you were the dude who came up with the idea- the entire nation hates you! haha


  2. That is crappy. I hope they fix it.
    And do you think it’s OK to have food at your bedside even if you’re not pregnant?
    Just asking…

    Thank you for being sweet. I’m OK :)
    And to answer your question about looking good…”YES!” notice photos come out 3x a week…


    Chickie Little

    Good news – the camera shop says Canon is going to fix it free of charge. That’s only after the hubby phoned, emailed, showed up with a letter and talked to their manager.
    They weren’t keen but at least have done the right thing and took responsibility in fixing a faulty product (which Canon should have agreed to earlier anyway).


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