Restaurant Review: Good World

The Good World Chinese restaurant in Lower Hutt doesn’t do yum char so well.

We went on a Saturday at 12:15pm. Should have been a busy time, and it did look fairly populated. Unfortunately the same food kept cycling around and we only got one dish of steamed dumplings in the first 3/4 of the time we were there. Some new steamed dumplings finally arrived after about 45 minutes.

The place was a bit grimey. The bowls and cutlery were visibly unclean, and I had to wipe them with my napkin first.  The teapot didn’t look like it had ever been washed. They are quite slow at filling up your teapot too.

We also had to ask one of the waitress each time to show us what she had,  to which one of the explanations was “body parts”. Hmm, best not to ask which body parts… She showed everyone else without being asked though! What’s up with that?

The range of  food was limited and the same waitresses kept assuming we were full, exclaiming “Want more!?” each time she came around. Yes we want more. We just don’t want the body parts that you keep bringing around. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a well-rounded Asian that eats almost everything. I’ll eat the classics like tripe, chicken’s feet, tendons and so on, but calling them “body parts” and not even wanting to show us is a little off-putting lady.

If you have leftovers you want to take home, you have to bring them to the counter when you pay. I don’t know why they can’t just bring over a takeaway box to your table like normal places.

I won’t be going back. I can see why my cousins in the Hutt come to Wellington City to have yum char. We’ll stick to The Regal – our favourite place. It might cost a little more but it’s cleaner, yummier and friendlier.

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6 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Good World

  1. Ew, doesn’t sound good at all!
    Plus Regal is hardly what I’d call expensive. Compared to the “normal” food around its way cheaper. :]


    Chickie Little

    I’m not calling Regal expensive at all. I’m happy with their prices. I’m just saying that some other yum chars have cheaper prices but that’s not necessarily a good thing! (Good World had a set price for the dumplings, whereas Regal charges a little more for special ones like Prawn dumplings)


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