Baby Update at 32 Weeks

At the end of 32 weeks I am fat and fed up.

Sitting is uncomfortable. Standing is uncomfortable. Walking is uncomfortable. Sleeping is uncomfortable. Eating is uncomfortable.

The baby is squirming a lot and it’s now not so pleasant. I’m sure I can feel her fingers scraping at my insides. Sometimes I feel winded because she’s decided to push upwards with her bum or feet.

Apart from that, and the carpel tunnel syndrome, all is good.

Baby is a good size, has a good heart rate, and my uterus is where it should be. Blood pressure, weight and all that is all good.

Just counting the days now until I finish work. Only eight more work days – woooh! And 38 weeks is considered full term so that’s only five weeks away! Although it could be as far as nine weeks if baby decides to stay in a bit longer – let’s hope not!

33 weeks pregnant

33 weeks pregnant

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