Stuff I Luff

  • Lazy weekends
  • Pink grapefruit juice. I could never have grapefruit juice while on the pill so this is one thing I’m taking advantage of while pregnant.
  • Watching Fez sleep. He’s the cutest when he’s fast asleep, snoring and having puppy dreams
  • Good yum char
  • Nanna naps
  • Sunny summery weather in Spring
  • Knowing this is my last week of work!
  • Making cakes. I made Ms Constantine‘s birthday cake and it was so satisfying to see the finished product all pretty and ready for surprising (though I’m terrible at surprises).
  • I also love eating said cake
White chocolate mud cake

White chocolate mud cake with Malteser-Baileys cream and white chocolate ganache... mmm!

Cachous and pale pink sugar complete the cake

Cachous and pale pink sugar crystals complete the cake

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5 thoughts on “Stuff I Luff

  1. Pink grapefruit juice is THE BEST! Or fejoia and grapefuit mmm also good!

    The cake is mind blowing!!!


    Chickie Little

    Yes, I love feijoa as well, so that would be a delicious mix!

    Aw thanks re: cake. It took a bit of effort but so worth it.


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