Baby Update at 33 Weeks

Sunday night I had another weird dream.

The baby was full-sized, and you could see her whole shape as she stretched out from my belly. You could see the shapes of her arms, legs, torso and there was even a cute face.

The whole thing was freaking me out though. She kept squirming and twisting outwards and at one point she was so far outwards that I was holding her as if she was on the outside! I turned to Neil and said “She’s the wrong way round now. How am I supposed to get her head-down again..?”

My mum was also in my dream. “Why does the back of her head have that smudge?” she asked (the baby¬† had something like a reddish birth mark). My reply was “She’s still attached to me mum!” Yeah… that didn’t make any sense whatsoever did it?

I guess the dream is a reflection of real life in that the baby is running out of room.

Most of the time she’s fine, but then she will bunch up under my ribs and I can’t do anything, not even talk, without feeling out of breath. Her squirming can be painful at times too, especially when parts of her jut out the side suddenly. My belly is often lop-sided after I’ve been lying down – it’s kind of gross.

Baby is a good size and is still in a good head-down position. All is well in the development side of things.

I have decided to stop driving for now. My belly is only a couple centimetres from the steering wheel, and it’s almost impossible to look back to safely reverse. Looks like the hubby is out of luck for a sober driver until after the baby is born.

This is my last week of work! I’ll be glad when I don’t have to compete for a seat on crowded buses, and be uncomfortably stuck to my chair each day. It will be good for the carpal tunnel to not have to be on th computer all day too. Bring on Friday!

33 week and 6 days pregnant

33 week and 6 days pregnant

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6 thoughts on “Baby Update at 33 Weeks

  1. Yay for the end of work. You can enjoy yourself and get ready for the coming arrival! I watched lots of DVDs and scrubbed everything in sight!


    Chickie Little

    Maybe I’ll even do more crafting, like paintings for the baby’s room. Don’t think I’ll do too much scrubbing – that would hurt the hands. But will definitely have to clean the house!


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